PR New Years Resolutions

Adam Clyne blogs for PR Week and has just posted up his top ten PR new years resolutions which I think I shall be adopting as my own resolutions… Personally I’ve got the Twitter one down.. only 9 more to go!

1)    Meet new journalists – a little black book bursting with contacts is always going to be essential in PR.  However networked you may be– there’s always room for more contacts – especially with up and coming journalists and bloggers.  Make an effort – it will be worth it.

2)    Learn the art of shmooze – get to know your work contacts (colleagues, media and clients) a little better – that lunch or drink will help your working relationship and show you know how to play the game.

3)    Read a new daily newspaper – push yourself out of your comfort zone.  If you read a tabloid every day then try a broadsheet or a business title – and vice versa.  You’ll soon find new opportunities appearing for clients.

4)   Be proactive – challenge yourself to come up with new and creative ideas for your clients – without being asked to. They will thank you for the enthusiasm.

5)    Help out with new business – new biz will always be the lifeblood of agencies.  Help out senior members so you can learn the process.  It’s a skill that will always open doors throughout your career.

6)   Start a creative folder – write down ideas you have, cut out clever PR articles you see and keep clever magazine ads.  You never know when you may want some inspiration.

7)    Twitter – maybe a resolution you promised to do last year. Stop talking about doing it and just tweet it.  If you’re on Twitter already then experiment with other emerging social platforms.

8)    Read PR Week. Every week – know what’s going on in the industry.  Find the time every week to learn about your craft and keep up to date with all the news and latest trends.

9)    Clear the clutter – keep a tidy desk, get your admin up to date (expenses / filing etc) and try to clear your unread emails.  As a rule – try and aim for under 10 unread emails  – it will free you up for the bigger thinking.

10)     Throw out your resolutions list and write a new one – with the best will in the world no one sticks to all their resolutions.  With that in mind, don’t feel guilty about the ones you don’t achieve  – just update the list on a rolling basis.

Click here to see Clynes original article.

Love Niamh x


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