Revival of the Fairytale

Recently I have noticed the total revival of much loved bed time stories;  fairytales Red Riding hood, Beauty and the Beast and Snow White have all been given the Hollywood treatment. From ‘Mamma Mia’s’ Amanda Seyfried playing Litte Red Riding Hood to ‘Twilight’s’ Kirsten Stewart posing as Snow White, Hollywood’s young stars are all dying to land the much coveted roles.

These re-makes are all major blockbuster movies, which, of course, means their release won’t be the last we hear of them. Although fairy tales have been around since the dawn of time, how they are depicted has changed greatly. It is only now, with the re-makes of these classic cult fairy tales that fairy tales have begun to feature heavily in advertising campaigns.  For instance, Sky have launched their most recent marketing campaign which features Rapunzel, another bed time classic. 2010 also saw the iconic GHD brand incorporate Cinderella albeit a twisted version, into their advertising campaign.

2008 also saw Louis Vuitton, always a head of the curve, present a  Snow White theme, which was hugely successful.

With the evolution of fairy tales from the scary, creepy and morose twisted tales from the Brothers Grimm to the romantic Disney tales, fairy tales are here to stay and I foresee many more finding themselves re- written into the advertising history books.

Love Niamh x


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