Playboy Wedding – PR stunt?

This past week the world and it’s mother has covered the split of Hugh Hefner and his fiancee Crystal Harris, only days before their upcoming wedding.

Call me a cynic, but I find it difficult to believe Crystal was marrying Hef for any reason other than his money as their age difference can only be described as vast with a massive 60 years between them.

In fact, I find it difficult to believe she’s with him for any other reason, so why call off the wedding?
The announcement posted by Hugh was brief and clear. According to the statement, Crystal was the one who decided to terminate the relationship and not go through with the wedding. Hugh Hefner wrote to his fans:
“The wedding is off. Crystal has had a change of heart.”

Rumors say Crystal decided that she wanted to pursue a different path, so she wanted to concentrate more on her music career. She decided to back out of the engagement the same week her single “Club Queen” was set to come out, so could this be a PR stunt or did things just come out this way?
Just like a true gentleman, Hugh announced after his statement that Crystal’s single is now available on iTunes and that he hopes it becomes a hit.

Not only this, but Crystal also appears on the latest cover of Playboy as ‘Mrs. Crystal Hefner’ with ‘Runaway Bride’ emblazoned across the front. The magazine went to print in the weeks previous to the couple’s announcement..

I’ll leave this up to you guys to decide…

Love Niamh x


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