Congratulations to Rory McIlroy!!

Northern Irish, Rory McIlroy had won the US Open by eight shots, becoming the championship’s youngest winner since 1923 which is no mean feat. Everybody who is anybody has been commenting on McIlroy’s win including our very own Taoiseach Enda Kenny who described McIlroy’s victory as both emphatic and inspiring, saying it ranks among one of the great achievements in any sport.

McIlroy is likely to see the financial value of his endorsements treble from €10 million to €30 million per year after last night’s spectacular triumph. His current endorsement earnings are approximately €10 M per year thanks to his three primary sponsors (Jumeirah, Titleist, and Oakley). With a clean cut image and youth on his side, the world is McIlroys oyster. His record-setting achievement at the U.S. Open will set the wheels in motion and likely boost his endorsements earnings to double or triple that amount within the next two years…especially if he wins another major during that stretch.

McIlroy is also a fantastic Ambassador for Ireland. With recent visits from The Queen of England and the United States of America’s President Obama, McIlroy will only add to the attraction to visit Ireland- which can only be a good thing considering our recent economic woes..

Love Niamh x


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