Kerry Katona drops management…Uh Oh!

A while ago, I wrote about dear old Kerry Katona’s return to showbiz and how her partnership with CAN Associates had pretty much saved her career.

If you haven’t read it, you can read it here.

As Kerry wrote on Twitter: “Contrary to recent press reports, I was not ‘dumped’ by Can Associates. It was my decision to leave, as on a professional level my career was taking a direction that I did not want, nor did I feel was appropriate. Furthermore, on a personal level, I felt that my integrity had been compromised.”

At the weekend, Kerry hit out at rumours that she was dropped from the agency for going on a wild six-hour bender instead of attending fellow CAN client Amy Childs’ 21st birthday bash.

Powell said that alcoholic Kerry had to stay off the booze when she signed her up last year.

Speaking at the time, she said: “Kerry knows this is her last chance.

“If she is prepared to work hard and stay clean she has a great career ahead of her.”

Kerry previously described CAN bosses Claire and Neville Hendricks as the “best surrogate parents I’ve ever had”.

And it looks like Max Clifford, Kerry’s previous publicist, doesn’t buy Kerry’s story that it was her decision to leave CAN Associates either..

According to the NOTW, he explained:

It pains me to see Kerry in this situation again, but in many ways she is her own worst enemy. And always has been.

When she started working with Claire [Powell], I really hoped it would be the start of something better – Claire is incredibly strong and Kerry was doing well under her guidance.

Whether she can come back from this is up to her. But, I truly hope she can – and I’m more than happy to help her find the right manager to guide her.

Where next for Kerry?  After all, how many comebacks can a comeback Queen really have…

Love Niamh x


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