Nicola Roberts

Nicola Roberts is by far the coolest of the Girls Aloud bunch. With her porcelain skin and flaming red hair, she couldn’t have stood out more in the group when compared with her fellow bandmates. Roberts has long been the ‘quiet one’.

The age old quote, ‘Always watch the quiet ones’, has never been more apt. While Roberts kept her head down,  her bandmates were busy raising their profiles;  Cheryl Cole was doing XFactor, Kimberley Walsh and Sarah Harding tried their hands at presenting various TV shows and writing magazine columns and Nadine Coyle fecked off to America.

So what was Roberts up to?

Nicola was  back in the studio recording her new solo album, ‘Cinderella Eyes’.

Her first solo single, Beat of My Drum’ can be viewed below.

I love the catchy pop beat. I love the fashion, the hair and make up.

I, for one, am definitely a Nicola Roberts fan. I can’t wait to hear what she comes up with next.

L-O-V-E  Niamh x


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