We saw, we conquered, we trended…

Last year saw the world and it’s mother planking. What’s planking you might ask?

Well according to The Herald, “The phenomenon of planking involves lying face down in a public place — the stranger the better — and posting photos on social networking sites”.

The lying down game was born in the UK and then spread to the rest of the world where it has also been known as “시체놀이” (“playing dead”) (2003,South Korea), ”à plat ventre” (“On one’s belly”, France 2004), ”extreme lying down”, (2008, Australasia) ”facedowns” (2010, USA and Ireland), and Planking (2011, Australia & New Zealand and worldwide).

As with all trends, the novelty wore off quickly and the world embraced ‘Owling’, which consists of nothing more taxing than crouching on one’s haunches and staring into the middle distance, like an owl.

But it seems that only weeks after the Owling craze struck Dublin than the 98FM crew have brought us ‘Pausing’. Only one more trend for us mere mortals to jump on and it couldn’t be simpler – Pause the Telly, Strike the Pose, Take the Pic!

Love Niamh x


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