Don’t mess with The Kate!

That’s right, Kate Middleton is SAS-trained.

Catherine – as I’m told she must be called now – was given the special military instruction after it was decided that her raised public profile has made her more vulnerable to potential kidnap attempts.

The course she went on, known as the “intensive personal protection programme”, teaches its students survival skills and hostage negotiation techniques, and has been taken by such other Royal dignitaries as the Queen, Prince Charles, Diana, Princess of Wales, and the Duke of Cambridge himself.

Then again, Prince William is a member of the RAF’s Search and Rescue Force, so you’d expect him to be pretty handy in a potential kidnapping emergency anyway.

Still, the Duchess reportedly received a shortened version of the course – which normally lasts several months – in order to accommodate her busy lifestyle.

And why have the press suddenly got wind of this? Britain wants the world to know they finally managed to get their hands on a ninja princess….

Love Niamh x


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