Kimmy K – A Kardashian dream wedding?

Lets face it, not many of us could turn a sex tape into a mega family brand –  Props to Mammy Kardashian there.

Lately however rumors are speculating that mammy K approached a number of high profile sports stars to marry her daughter in what turned out to be a major money spinning spectacular wedding. I’m sure I’m not the only one that see’s the dollar signs in Kris Jenner’s eyes?

And I have to say I’d probably do the same if I was Kimmy K.. I mean if you were offered 250,000 per day for 75 days – Can you really honestly hand on your heart say you wouldn’t take it?

If I was Kim, I’d be hot tailing it to some tropical island and laying low for a few months amid the speculation that her marriage was a money spinner..

It’s only my opinion but anyone else thinking OVEREXPOSURE?

Love Niamh x


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