Kim Kardashian: We think you are in trouble…

Kris Humphries has let it be known he would like his divorce trial televised to expose the truth behind the Kardashian reality shows, according to TMZ.

Kris, 27, is said to be hoping that he and his lawyer Lee Hutton can prove in court that Kim wanted to marry to boost ratings for her reality show. Humphries and his legal adviser are said to be planning to ask the judge to allow the divorce trail to be aired on TV stations.Kim and Kris married in a lavish ceremony in August which was documented in a spin off reality TV show ‘Kim’s Fairytale wedding.’ In November last year after just 72 days of marriage Kim filed for divorce citing ‘irreconcilable differences’.

Kris is seeking an annulment to their marriage instead of a divorce as he has stated since proceedings were issued that he married for love and does not believe in divorce.

If what Kris is saying is true and a judge rules that Kim did marry him for publicity, this could be detrimental to the success of her future career.


Love Niamh x



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