Uh Oh: PR Nightmare for 1800-Flowers!

I actually don’t think I can think of any worse PR disaster for a flower shop than a Valentines Day with no flowers!

Popular online florist 1-800-FLOWERS is facing a backlash from customers and their lovers after hundreds of deliveries failed to turn up on Valentines Day.

The company turned to social media in an attempt to apologize to floods of complaints, as frustrated customers took Twitter to vent their frustration at the lack of deliveries.

1800-Flowers Twitter feed has been inundated since Tuesday with complaints ranging from wilted roses, dirty water, broken vases and second-day deliveries; many having paid extra for ‘guaranteed delivery’ on the date.

But two days later, the PR nightmare continues with many individuals still waiting for their flowers…

This is going to be a tough issue for 1800-Flowers to turn around!


Love Niamh x



2 thoughts on “Uh Oh: PR Nightmare for 1800-Flowers!

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