Greyhound Bins: PR Disaster

Yesterday’s snaps of Greyhound boss, Brian Buckley partying his life away while thousands of families were told they’d have to pay €100 up front or their bins would not be collected following the recent takeover of the bin collection from Dublin City Council, is nothing short of a PR disaster. As many families wonder how on earth they will pay the €100, Buckley, was seen dressed as a gangster partying in Dublin. Buckley must have known this would be viewed in poor taste by the public, many of whom,  simply cannot afford to pay the bin charges he is imposing on them.

In the last few weeks, images of of bursting bin bags filling Dublin streets have filled the newspapers. As the city was struggling with the new regime, Greyhound announced that the 18,000 families who hadn’t paid the €100 would not have their bins collected. As if that wasn’t enough, news came out that a waiver system which previously existed which allows the elderly and vulnerable to skip paying was to be scrapped.

While Dublin City Council have handed the waste collection contract to Greyhound, they are attracting just as much criticism as they must have been aware of the €100 up front charge to their customers.

I wonder how Greyhound will repair their relationship with the public and their own customers?

This will definitely be one to watch…


Love Niamh x


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