Claires Accessories: Copying Tatty Devine?

Claire’s Accessories have been accused by jewellery designer, Tatty Devine, of copying their designs.

In a blog post on the Tatty Devine website entitled  ‘Can You Spot The Difference?’, the issue was brought to light as the jewellery designs were compared. “No, that’s not your eyes going funny,” they wrote, adding that, “this isn’t the first time we’ve noticed this kind of thing at high street retailer Claire’s.”

See the images below:

The similarities between the two designs are quite evident and as a result, the response on social media has been incredible, with the debate trending on Twitter last night.

According to the Daily Mail, ‘Georgia Langford of argues that Claire’s decision to copy Tatty Devine designs, manufacture them in China and sell them cheaply in their stores not only takes sales away from Tatty Devine, but also damages their brand’.

This isn’t the first time big brands have been caught copying designers, clothing and jewellery. In 2007, Karen Millen won their case against Dunnes Stores, over alleged copying of clothes designs.

As the Telegraph suggest, it isn’t the first time the girls behind Tatty Devine have noticed Claire’s Accessories paying homage to one of their designs either. Last year a customer also sent them a photo of a strikingly similar volume knob brooch, which the girls have been selling since 2004.

In a statement to Stylist Magazine, Hind Hadj, head of European marketing & PR for Claire’s Accessories, said: “Claire’s is aware of the blog post yesterday on the blog and is currently investigating these comments.”

This isn’t the first time the accessories chain have found themselves in hot water over alleged copying.

Last year, jewellery designer, Laura Figiel, founder of SheDraws, accused Claire’s Accessories of copying one of her designs for sale in its UK stores, after a Twitter user alerted her to the similarities between the tow designs. She too, received extensive online support despite Claire’s Accessories ignoring her claims.

Tatty Devine are to call in their lawyers following the discovery.

It will be interesting to see how Claires Accessories respond to this crisis? Will they learn from past mistakes or will they ignore the uproar and hope it all goes away?

Love Niamh x


One thought on “Claires Accessories: Copying Tatty Devine?

  1. I’m surprised to read Claire’s Accessories has had similar issues before, and yet the issues continue to arise. One would think Claire’s would have carefully outlined the rules and ethical practices for product design/production.

    I hope Claire’s takes this situation seriously and responds quickly to the accusation. So many companies do not see the true value of social media in times of crisis, such as this. Often, CEO’s turn a blind eye to the situation and hope it all just disappears, much United Airlines did when Dave Caroll posted the United Breaks Guitars YouTube videos.

    (Link to video:

    Luckily, it seems Claire’s is monitoring social media, and, hopefully, the company will choose to respond soon.

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