SimplyBe: Uh Oh

Recently the image above, from the Simply Be website has been causing controversy in the media.

Alarms were raised over a pretty model in a burnt orange dress who appeared to have had a run-in with a very heavy airbrush and was left resembling something close to the sister of Edward Scissorhands.

The amateur retouching at left the brunette with an apparently freakishly clawed left hand, complete with six fingers and has left Simply Be with a couple of questions to answer.

Simply Be is Ireland’s only dedicated on-line home shopping company for curvy women.

The now evident retouching begs the question, What else are Simply Be retouching?

Love Niamh x


4 thoughts on “SimplyBe: Uh Oh

  1. I saw this image but was unsure of its origin until I read this post. The image is an embarrassing mistake for the photography editors and the company itself. This photoshop error will definitely cause negative PR for Simply Be. I wonder what the company will do to gain back consumers trust.


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