KLM Royal Dutch Airlines: Find out on Facebook who is sitting next to you

Now this is one pretty cool campaign! KLM are one company which are embracing social media in a BIG way.

On February 3rd 2012, KLM  launched ‘Meet & Seat’, an initiative which allows people connect with their fellow travellers.  This makes KLM the first airline to integrate social networking in its regular flight process. Passengers with a reservation can link their Facebook or LinkedIn profiles to the flight they will be on, in order to see who else is on board.

Erik Varwijk, Managing Director KLM says,  “With Meet & Seat, KLM takes social networking a step forward. This new service connects passengers and aims to give them a more inspirational journey.”

Meet & Seat facilitates contact with fellow travellers who have the same background or interests, making air travel even more stimulating for KLM passengers. They can find out whether someone they know will be travelling on the same flight, or discover who else will be attending the same conference in the USA, for example. Through Meet & Seat they might arrange to have a coffee before their flight, select adjoining seats or decide to share a taxi afterwards.

Passengers can only see other Meet & Seat participants after linking their Facebook or LinkedIn profile to their flight. They can decide what personal information from their Facebook or LinkedIn account they would like to share with other passengers.

Pretty cool!

Love Niamh x


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