Jack Wills: Best Summer Job?

Jack Wills are most definitely embracing social media. They recently launched a pretty cool campaign in the UK and US; Best Summer Job in…

Check out the UK video below which was launched online:

Jack Wills have also used their latest catalogue to promote the competition. The brand is offering internships over the summer holidays to two students – ‘a guy and a girl’ – who will get £10,000 in university tuition fees.

The interns will spend six weeks working as brand ambassadors at festivals, beach parties and sporting events. Along with social media and catalogues, events are key to helping Jack Wills reach its audience of teenagers and university students.

The catalogue directs customers to apply online, with a URL and QR code, plus links to the brand’s popular pages on Twitter and Facebook,

It’s great to see a campaign which offers an experience to young people in a time when many companies are taking advantage of the recession and trying to get free labor. I’m sure this campaign will get great attention as Jack Wills can promote this competition through to the winners experience which will no doubt interest their target audience.

I only wish Irish companies would follow suit…

Love Niamh x


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