Dominos: Tweet for a Cheaper Pizza

Domino’s Pizza launched their latest promotional campaign two days ago,  utilizing Twitter to boost lunch time trade in its UK stores.

From 9am until 11 am on Monday, Domino’s ran a backwards auction which saw the chain decrease the price of their Pepperoni Passion pizza by 1p every time someone tweeted, #LetsDoLunch. The reduced pizza price was continually updated on their Facebook page.

The price of the large pepperoni pizza went down from its original price of £15.99 to £7.74 after the promotion took place on Monday. The pizza was then available to purchase at that price until 3pm.

Domino’s chief executive, Lance Batchelor, revealed that selected Domino’s branches in the UK take over 75% of their orders online, therefore web campaigns and those utilising social media are likely to appeal Domino’s core market.

Domino’s say the new Treats for Tweets campaign is the first of many promotions planned for the coming months.

This is such an innovative campaign. I love that Domino’s are embracing social media. I only hope that we see campaigns like this from Dominos in Ireland!

Love Niamh x


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