Gosh PR: Fired by Kentucky State

UK PR firm, Gosh PR, certainly didn’t wow Kentucky State officials when they were hired to promote Kentucky State to the British public! The PR firm made the ultimate faux pas by highlighting crass and offensive stereotypes about the U.S. South while trying to promote the state of Kentucky to English tourists. Promoting counting  roadkill was part of Gosh PR’s strategy. Not exactly something I want to do, while on holiday or even when I’m at home.  Before the site was taken down, it read, ‘OK, it seems a bit sick, spotting dead animals, but you will never see so much roadkill in your life, and so varied’.

The PR firm also urged British tourists to visit ‘Hazzard County – inspirational home of Boss Hogg and the Duke boys’ – although this was in fact a fictional place for The Dukes of Hazzard in Georgia.

Gosh PR have since been relieved of their PR duties…

Love Niamh x


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