H&M: Marni Model?

What are the marketing and PR  people at H & M and Marni thinking? They have a fabulous new collaboration collection, bringing high-style at affordable prices to the masses.

So why do they think it’s a good idea to photograph great clothes on a painfully thin model?

Some observers have even criticized the model for looking “corpse-like,” and “ready to collapse.”

Why do H&M want to present this disturbing and unhealthy-looking model as their Marni image to aspire to?

H&M issued a statement to the Daily Mail website, mailonline.com, defending their campaign:

“We appreciate feedback from our customers on how we conduct our business. We think it’s regrettable that some of  our customers interpret Marni and H&M as unethical, and feel that the model is underweight. H&M has an advertising policy in which we strongly distance ourselves from alcohol and drug abuse, and we do not work with models who are significantly underweight.”

In an era when the modeling industry is constantly criticized for encouraging models to lose weight, this is just not Ok. H & M have a young fan base and a responsibility to their customers. The images for the Marni collection are not images young women should aspire to be.

Love Niamh x


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