NASA: Launch Angry Birds Space


For the launch of Angry Birds: Space, mobile game maker Rovio teamed up with NASA to teach a physics lesson from the deck of the International Space Station.

In the video, flight engineer Don Pettit recreates the objective of the game by using the bungee cord to turn the red bird into a projectile. Once he fires the little guy from the makeshift slingshot, we see it travel across a straight trajectory and hit a door on the other side of the room. With a further distance, though, it turns out gravity will attract an object moving in a straight line and curve its trajectory. Basically, it is the longest possible distance out of the way one could go to prove the point that in Angry Birds: Space, players have to account for a curving trajectory when firing their weird birds at eruptive pigs.


This is a pretty cool launch! I don’t know how Rovio managed to organize this…


Love Niamh x


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