Chanel: Copycats?

Chanel have withdrawn range of accessories that look remarkably similar to those by New York jewellery star, Pamela Love.

When the Daily Mail contacted both designers for comment, Love remained silent but amazingly a spokesman for Chanel responded:

‘Out of respect for the concerns raised and for the artistic process generally the House has decided not to offer these bracelets for sale as part of the A/W 2012 collection.’

Chanel’s cuff V’s Pamela Love’s cuff
Chanel have cleverly side stepped what could have been a huge controversy for them. Following Karl Lagerfeld’s recent controversial comments about Adele, a high end designer label like Chanel need all the good press they can get and I have to say good PR move. Removing the line of jewellery from point of sale out of respect for Pamela Love would have been a costly venture for Chanel it is one which will find them in the fashion pages for all the right reasons. Not only that, but they have also publicly acknowledged respect for another jewellery designer which will no doubt add to Pamela Love’s bottom line.
Love Niamh x

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