Apple: To offer all buyers of new iPad a refund?

According to The Daily Mail, Apple are to offer all of their Australian customers of the iPad 3 a refund following the nation’s consumer watchdog accusing Apple of misleading advertising over one key aspect of the product. The new tablet is labelled as ‘4G’ – but the connection won’t work in many countries, due to differing mobile networks. In Ireland, for instance, the tablet is labelled as ‘Wi-Fi + 4G’, despite the fact there is no compatible network to connect to.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has taken legal action to ensure Apple makes consumers aware its third-generation iPad cannot connect to a 4G mobile data network in Australia due to technical incompatibility. Apple promoted its third-generation tablet as the iPad with Wifi+4G, but Australia has only one 4G network, operated by Telstra Corp, which operates on a different frequency to the 4G on Apple’s new iPad. Apple’s Australian barrister Paul Anastassiou told the Federal Court in Melbourne that the company would send emails to all Australian buyers to date, offering the refund.

Interesting case. I wonder will Apple take a hit for all iPad 3’s sold in countries which currently do not support 4G? I highly doubt it but a smart move on Apple’s behalf to announce to a court that they will issue refunds to any Australian buyers…

Love Niamh x


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