Dulux: Crisis as white paint turns yellow within weeks of new coat…

Paint company Dulux has been forced to pay out thousands of pounds in compensation after disgruntled DIY-ers claimed its ‘brilliant white’  pant faded to yellow. A number of customers complained that the company’s oil-based paint turned a creamy yellow colour a number of weeks after application.

The good news is Dulux have held their hands up and admitted the problem, claiming the problem lay with new EU regulations which forced it to water down solvent levels in the paint. The major paint player claims to have now solved the problem.

Matt Pullen, a UK director of Dulux, speaking on BBC’s Watchdog programme which highlighted the issue, said, ‘This is a problem that affected the whole industry.

‘We reformulated our products as did everyone else. We started to see a problem in the market in 2010 for a small minority of customers under certain conditions. As soon as we saw that we put all our energies into solving the problem, which we did in 2011. We focused our efforts on actually solving the problem rather than making a disclaimer against it. All the products we have produced since 2011 – and is in the shops on sale today – is as good as it was pre-2010. For those individuals who have had a problem and have complained to us – we’ve resolved 95 per cent of all those complaints in a fair and reasonable way. People can have confidence in what we are doing.’

Hats off to Dulux! It’s always nice to see big brands hold their hands up when a problem arises and deal with the issue in an appropriate manner which in this case, Dulux have definitely done. Dulux addressed the issue head on, issuing a press release and compensating the members of the public affected by the issue. Not only have Dulux restored customer confidence in their management of the issue but they have shown the public they deal with issues responsibly.

Love Niamh x


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