Vodafone: Uh Oh

So this picture went viral yesterday…

PR nightmare for Vodafone as they confirm that they have suspended two staff following an abusive image uploaded on a social media site yesterday morning went viral. The image involved shows Vodafone staff discussing a customer at the counter, using vulgar and abusive language to describe her.

A Vodafone spokesperson said an investigation is underway, and sought to reassure customers that the company has a zero-tolerance approach to staff who breach its code of conduct.

Meanwhile over at Three, the PR team are busy at work piggy backing on Vodafone’s scandal…

Nice one Three!
While we have all heard the saying ‘ All publicity is good publicity’, I think in the case of Vodafone, this is most definitely NOT good publicity. Vodafone are dealing with the crisis well as they have admitted fault, suspended two members of staff and are investigating internally. While two of Vodafone’s sales agents may leave a lot to be desired, at least their PR team are on the ball…
Love Niamh x

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