Target Australia: Great way to promote mid season sale

Target Australia’s recent ad campaign featured a man with 3 arms, in what seems to be the new ‘in’ PR move to make within the clothing industry. Target Australia’s PR company then proceeded to upload the offending picture to their Facebook page announcing their mid season sale, with the caption, “We couldn’t help but have a laugh this morning when we discovered something not quite right about the front cover of this week’s catalogue! Let us know if you can spot it. One thing is for sure, an extra helping hand always comes in handy!”

It seems that lately all I seem to find online is campaigns like this one which managed to get 945 shares on Facebook. Clever ‘mistakes’ as I call them, can be used by brands to hold their hands up and show the public they don’t take themselves too seriously as has be seen by brands like Simply Be and La Redoute as I’ve blogged about before. Mistakes like these often go viral as members of the public often enjoy seeing big brands mess up. Simply Be is a prime example of this as their image turned up on photographic websites and community boards without their own branding. Target have, in effect, ensured that their brand will be associated with their own blunder announcing it on their Facebook page while also announcing their mid season sale – Smart move. Safe to say, the stunt was a success judging by the amount of shares and likes demonstrated on Target Australia’s Facebook post.


Love Niamh x


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