BULLY: US Twitter Campaign goes Viral

In March, The Weinstein Company (TWC) were responsible for a hugely successful Twitter campaign to drive awareness around the issue of bullying in the United States.  The #BullyMovie hash tag, inspired by the film BULLY, which was released in US theaters on March 30 saw a huge increase in conversation around the issue of bullying.

“We believe this movie has real power to raise awareness and increase empathy for this important issue.  That belief has been confirmed for us in the last few days,” said TWC President of Marketing Stephen Bruno. “Not only did the Twitter campaign inspire a jaw-dropping number of conversations, it drove people to act, which has been our goal from the beginning with this film campaign.”

The Promoted Tweets from @BullyMovie, the film’s Twitter account, were seen by millions of users around the world, who were highly engaged with the topic:

  • The #BullyMovie campaign had an average engagement rate of more than 36%, meaning that one out of every three people that saw one of the Promoted Tweets took action in some way — by retweeting, replying to or favoriting the message, or clicking through to watch the trailer or sign a petition to change the film’s rating. This far surpassed the average 3-5% engagement rate for Promoted Tweets.
  • Twitter users re-tweeted messages from the #BullyMovie campaign thousands of times, and mentioned the film in more than 7,800 Tweets.
  • The best performing Tweet — “Watch the @bullymovie trailer and join the fight to STOP BULLYING in schools: chn.ge/Afgpmt VIDEO: bit.ly/znJ8C0” — attracted over 17K clicks and 1,190 re-tweets and an engagement rate of 37.5%.

The Bully Movie inspired a great Twitter campaign which not only benefited the film but also brought the topic of bullying to the forefront of conversation on a social media platform. It’s so refreshing to see a clever PR campaign which involves Twitter, a brand and a good cause. So many individuals have experienced bullying. Twitter has recently gotten some bad press as a number of individuals have been brought to court over their own personal tweets.

TWC were incredibly clever when they chose to promote the film on Twitter. With a topic that so many people can relate to, such a moving trailer (which you can view below) and millions of Twitter users to engage with, all the TWC execs had to do was sit back and watch the re-tweets roll in.

Love Niamh x


4 thoughts on “BULLY: US Twitter Campaign goes Viral

  1. Some students from my old high school recently started a similar project, called #NoBull, after a bunch of cyber attacks on students began through Twitter. Social media has gotten a bad rap for making it easy for people to cyber bully, so it’s really great to see people using social media in a positive way to counteract the negativity. Great post!

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