Mc Donalds: Mein Burger

It’s always nice to see examples of interactive campaigns which show not only explore creativity but also deliver fantastic results. The ‘Mein Burger‘ campaign was created by Razorfish Germany to celebrate the 40th anniversary of McDonald’s in that country.

Members of the public were invited to create their own burger via the ‘Burger configurator’ with the winning creations chosen by public vote and eventually appearing on the McDonald’s menu.  It’s all about the execution in this case as Razorfish created a compelling experience for users to generate their own bespoke burger creation.  Perhaps more importantly, they also provided the tools to for users promote their burger creation and encourage their friends, as well as the general public, to vote for the eventual winners.  The winners not only had their Burger creation added to the menu, but also starred in their own McDoanld’s TV commercial.  Check out the case study below.

The figures:

  • 7 million page impressions – the most successful individual McDonald’s campaign, Razorfish tell us
  • 45,000 ‘burger creations’ in the first 7 days (after 5 weeks, this figure had risen to 116,000 – one ever 26 seconds, apparently)
  • 12,000 people created their own marketing campaigns
  • 1.5m people voted for their favourite
  • Razorfish claim to have reached 17m people – every fourth German internet user

Love Niamh x


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