Ben & Jerry’s: Padlock Your Ice Cream


Protect Your Pint! BEN & JERRY’S Unveils Euphori-Lock™

Worried the dessert desperados have their eyes on your favorite ice cream flavor? Hate to leave home for fear of cold-hearted pint-nappers? Tired of vain attempts to conceal your favorite passion behind the frozen peas? Ben & Jerry’s wants YOU to breathe easier!

The all-new Euphori-Lock from Ben & Jerry’s is designed to promote family harmony – and salvage your peace of mind!

“This delightfully tongue-in-cheek concept actually came from one of Ben & Jerry’s customers, who suggested they start selling their ice cream in stainless steel containers with little padlocks on them,” smiles Katie O’Brien, Ben & Jerry’s Merchandise Maven and the brains that brought Euphori-lock from delightful daydream to rugged reality.

The Euphori-Lock is a tenacious two-part plastic security ring that slips around your pint’s upper lid for “udder” peace of mind. And not to worry – it comes complete with an easy-to-remember secret code when you’re ready to unlock your favorite treat!

Check out the buzz about the new Euphori-Lock on Ben & Jerry’s website, Or better yet, pick one up at your local Scoop Shop to help protect your take-home delights…


Love Niamh x

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