Rustlers: Fit as a Butchers Daughter

Microwave snack brand Rustlers has unveiled a new campaign with BJL, featuring butcher’s daughter Lexi O’Leary, who likes her meat ‘well-hung’.

In addition to on-pack promotion, the campaign will include national on demand video MPUs, a Facebook profile for Lexi, YouTube footage, blogging, seeding and mobile phone activity.

Nicky Unsworth, managing director at BJL, said, “The campaign is designed to communicate the quality of Rustlers’ products in an engaging and suggestive way for 16-24 year old males. It’s definitely the most risqué campaign we’ve done to date.”

Consumers are directed to an interactive butcher’s shop on the Rustler’s website, featuring a self-edit video produced by Gate films, where users can adapt what Lexi says, using number keys to change the phrases.

BJL has also created a series of banner ads where Lexi ‘stalks’ consumers, which will appear on The Sun online and on the Nuts website over a period of four weeks.

John Armstrong, Rustlers marketing director, said, “Fit As A Butcher’s Daughter will dispel some of the negatives in a manner that will not only appeal to our target market of 16 to 24-year-old males but will also engage people who may not have tried the brand due to their misconceptions.

“We are really pleased how our integrated approach, working with our creative team at BJL and our media team at Mediacom, has resulted in a campaign that is not only focused on the creation of an entertaining, brand building destination but is also focused on telling people about it with communications on five million packs and through seven million digital impressions.”

It’s interesting to see that BJL and Rustlers have decided to go down this route. A campaign like this one featuring slogans like ‘Boys are always commenting on my nice rack’ and “For me, it has to be well hung”, is always going to garner attention. Targeting 16-24 year old males, I think this campaign is quite irresponsible on behalf of Rustlers and BJL. BJL have designed this campaign so your average 17 year old can edit what ‘Lexi O Leary’ says online. The entire campaign is tied to sexual exploitation of women.  Yes, the demographic will interact with the brand but at what cost?

Love Niamh x


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