Ferrari: Offer Chinese Government apology

Ferrari China hoisted a sports car onto a castle in Nanjing as a publicity stunt. (Photo/CNS)

Ferrari China have apologised following a PR stunt which defaced a Ming dynasty wall. The stunt saw donuts (spinning the car in as short a radius as possible) performed in a Ferrari 458 on top of the 600-year-old city wall.

The stunt which was filmed has now led Ferrari to issue an apology. The company said that the stunt had not been authorized by them and was solely down to the local Ferrari dealer in Nanjing, Kuaiyi Automobile.

Ferrari is now in full damage-limitation mode.

“Ferrari has always respected Chinese traditional culture and values the protection of historical and cultural relics,” the company said. “Ferrari deeply regrets the incident.”

The irony is that the stunt was intended to complement the company’s celebrations of its 20 years in China (marked by a special edition 458 pictured above). Defacing a local monument is certainly an unfortunate way to celebrate your presence in a country.

Apparently the city official who allowed the stunt to go ahead has been sacked.

Love Niamh x


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