Done Deal: Husband for Sale?

DoneDeal, Ireland’s most popular online classified adverts website, has announced the launch of its’ ‘Husband for Sale’ advertising campaign to raise national awareness of the DoneDeal brand and its overall services offering.  The advertising campaign which kicks off on TV Monday, 14th May will also be supported using other marketing media channels including radio, PR and digital.

In a light hearted, tongue in cheek manner, the TV and Radio ads tell the story of a fictitious Irish couple, in which the wife, Deborah, puts her husband of 14 years, up for sale on the DoneDeal website.  The husband gets a big surprise when a caller arrives at the house to collect him.  While the advert is careful to point out that you cannot sell your husband or buy someone’s husband on DoneDeal, you can buy or sell pretty much anything else!

As part of the campaign creative process, the ‘Husband for Sale’ advert was initially posted on the DoneDeal website ( and has already attracted a huge level of interest, with over 45,000 hits in the first week and generating a lot of sharing across Twitter and Facebook.

Speaking at the official launch of the new campaign, Agnes Healy, Head of Marketing for DoneDeal said, “We are delighted to launch this new campaign. DoneDeal has grown in leaps and bounds since we were founded in 2005 and we want to continue that growth. What we have found as we have grown is that once people try the site and see how easy and convenient it is to use they come back again and again. In the past we have benefitted from word of mouth driving new DoneDealers to the site but now we are at a stage where a national advertising campaign is the best way to attract new people to the site.”

Agnes continued, “We wanted to show people how simple it is to use DoneDeal while also letting people get a feel for the type of company we are. We are delighted with the ads because in a clever and fun way they show how easy DoneDeal is to use and that it has something for everybody.”

Publicis QMP was appointed by DoneDeal to craft the new campaign and Jimmy Murphy, Director at Publicis QMP said: “We shot the ad over two days on film in a location in Dublin. We were hoping to recreate the classic Irish suburban home with a sense of everydayness interrupted by the surreal. We selected Lorcan Finnegan from Blinder to direct the advert because he has a lightness of touch when it comes to this kind of humour. This is such a great brand that we just want to tell the story in an engaging way and we’re confident it’ll fly.”

The six week TV campaign will be seen by over 2.9 million adults and the radio campaign will be heard by over 2 million adults. The campaign will run until late June, spanning prime spots on national TV, radio and will also incorporate online elements. The TV campaign will run across RTE, TV3 and selected satellite stations available in Ireland,

DoneDeal also appointed MEC as its’ new media buying agency.  David Hayes, managing director of MEC said, “MEC is absolutely delighted to be working with DoneDeal as their Media partner. DoneDeal is so well established in the market and with such a loyal customer base we couldn’t be happier to be associated with such a well-regarded brand.”

He continued, “MEC is working with DoneDeal and creative partners to deliver a successful launch campaign. The campaign will run across TV and radio targeting all adults across the country generating awareness of the site and inspiring consumers to both buy and sell via DoneDeal.”

Many of the props used in the adverts were sourced through DoneDeal and they will now be posted on the DoneDeal website for anybody looking to source an item at knock down prices.  All money raised from the sales of the TV props will be donated to the LauraLynn Children’s Hospice Foundation, Ireland’s first children’s hospice set up in 2001.

Great Creative + Great Concept = Great Campaign!

Love Niamh x


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