Yesterday, Nike announced they had 60 pairs of Exclusive Disturbing London Nike Blazers to give away in their scavenger #blazerhunt. The shoes were split between 6 secret locations across London. To win them, members of the public had to figure out where the shoes were and get there before anyone else. Brand Ambassador @TinieTempah posted clues to the locations from 10.00 am. You could track the progress at each location by following @NikeUK. Each location only had a limited number of pairs of the shoe, and only the first ten people to arrive got a pair…

Join the #blazerhunt. Follow @NikeUK, @TinieTempah and @disturbingLDN on Twitter, and be ready to move.

Cool campaign and great PR stroke for Nike. Teaming up with Tinie Tempah to give away 60 pairs of trainers across London using only social media to conduct the scavenger hunt.  Celebrity endorsements on the rise, thanks to the likes of Kim Kardashian.  Tinie Tempah is hot property at the moment and while trainers are synonymous with the image of the rap community; think Kanye West’s Yeezy 2 Nike trainer, I think this was a pretty smart move for Nike to team up with Tinie and get fans tweeting and interacting with Tinie through  Twitter to find the exclusive shoes.


Nice job!


Love Niamh x


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