Ferrari or Porsche taxi? No problem…

Passengers in Jakarta were being taken for more than just a taxi ride when it emerged that a new taxi firm offering lifts in the world’s fastest super cars was just an elaborate PR stunt.

The taxi firm which went by the name of MM Cabs claimed to cater for the rising number of people in the city wanting to enjoy a luxury lifestyle and provided luxury cars in the form of taxis.

The taxi company never actually existed as this extremely elaborate marketing campaign was in fact a PR stunt by Indonesia’s biggest bank, Mandiri. The bright-yellow super-cars were fitted with taxi signage and the MM Cabs company logos but were nothing more than a publicity campaign for Bank Mandiri’s new smartphone App for iPhones and Androids.

Thousands of excited Jakartans found themselves on MM Cabs Twitter page expecting to find out more about the exclusive offering and it was from there that the confusing publicity stunt became clear. The social media fans were only able to click a link which took them to Mandiri’s website which was promoting the new mobile banking app.

The campaign is thought to have cost the bank a whopping €170,500 which includes renting the two super cars.

Love Niamh x


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