UCD Graduate’s CV goes Viral…

Check out one promising graduate’s alternative CV.

Due to his lack of experience in jobs in more creative industries, 26-year-old Jordan McDonnell had trouble attracting the attention of employers with a traditional type of CV – so he decided to take an alternative line of action.

Having worked as a financial analyst, McDonnell spent an entire week, after work, creating a PowerPoint showcase summarising his life to date, and uploaded it to the slideshow-sharing website SlideShare, where it began to attract attention.

Further coverage on Business Insider saw its views take off – current views are at 104K, a month after it was first uploaded, which is no mean feat!

Rather than needing to send his alternative CV to prospective employers, the employers have come to him – with responses from companies from as far away as the United States and Australia, and three rounds of interviews completed already this week, according to Journal.ie.

“The tool I used was basically just PowerPoint – I also looked at some websites you can download new fonts from, and the likes of Flickr and Creative Commons to download the images I’m looking for. Anyone can do this – it’s just a matter of thinking about the storyline.”

I love a bit of creativity and i have to say this guy has blown his competition away. If I had my own PR business , I’d be offering this guy a job!

Love niamh x


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