How much is that hot guy in the window?

French dating site, Adopte Un Mec (Adopt a Guy), have recently come up with a very cool but very controversial campaign. They recently opened a pop-up shop in the heart of the Paris fashion district, where women can window-shop for a date.

This unique pop-up boutique has a number of eligible bachelors displayed in the windows for women to admire, in boxes, which can only be described as similar to Mattel’s Barbie & Ken boxes. The men involved are only for available for promotional purposes, and are not actually available for purchase. The website behind the quirky stunt was built on the idea of putting women in the ‘driver’s seat’. Men and women can register, but only women are allowed to send messages. The site was created this way so female users could avoid the “the constant bombardment of unwanted advances from men” and “hold the power of communication so they can focus on the men they desire.” Guys can only post their photos online and wait to be contacted. The site wants women to feel like they’re shopping for men, and the home page actually says ““There are 0 men in your cart.” Business is booming and Adopte Un Mec has over 300 million page views per month.

This campaign is quite controversial as is any, which suggests buying or selling any human being, however, feminists are saying the same thing has been happening to women in popular venues like Amsterdam’s Red Light District.

The Paris Adopt-a-Guy will only stay open for 10 days before moving onto some other major French cities.

I really like this campaign! It’s fun, quirky and just a little bit out there. Props to the PR for the company for coming up with this concept.

Love Niamh x


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