Toshiba: Saorview survey hits a high note


Yesterday, Toshiba Ireland released their findings from a recent survey they commissioned into Saorview. saorview comes into effect on October 24th in Ireland, making this a very topical PR strategy on behalf of Toshiba.  According to the data, large segments of the general public remain unclear on the date of the digital switchover date with almost 50% not intending to purchase additional equipment before the deadline a survey commissioned by Toshiba Ireland has revealed.

The survey also revealed that a large portion of the population will potentially be left without TV coverage when analogue TV broadcasts cease in October this year.

“Our survey shows there is still a lot of confusion as to what is needed to be ready for the digital switch.  We’re calling on the public to educate themselves on what their choices are now before they’re left without TV signal at the end of October.  Saorview is an opportunity to enjoy better choice of entertainment with a high quality viewing experience.”  said Oliver Carey, Country Manager Ireland.

Drilling down into the figures reveals that the lack of awareness extends to the types of equipment necessary to facilitate the changeover.  Almost a half of the current aerial using consumers (48%) are still not aware that they require Saorview ready devices. From a regional perspective, different areas of the country were more aware than other areas. The survey demonstrates those individuals surveyed in Leinster were the least prepared of the four provinces with only 20% of those surveyed aware of the changeover. Munster showed 27% to be prepared while 39% of those surveyed in Connaught were prepared. Ulster showed they had the greatest awareness and were the most ready for the switchover.

“Some information may have been misinterpreted by consumers regarding satellite provider options and led to confusion about the type of devices needed for switchover.  It should be set plainly that if you rely on a TV aerial presently you could be left without national channels such as RTE and TV3, unless you purchase Saorview approved product” said Carey.

Toshiba Ireland is continuing its range of its own Saorview approved TV product with the new RL9 and TL9 series as well as including information on what is actually required to meet the digital changeover deadline on their website. All Toshiba Saorview approved product is also Freeview ready for viewers wishing to receive broadcasts in border areas.

“Saorview won’t go away and the benefits are worth the expense as consumers will have a far richer TV viewing experience post changeover.  Historically rural TV viewers in Ireland had a limited and often poor TV service. This does not need to be the case anymore and we believe rural TV viewers will really enjoy the benefits brought by the digital changeover. Saorview is now easily available integrated into televisions such as our new models.”

Toshiba advises that those affected by the switchover visit for information on the switchover.

Commissioning a survey into Saorview can only be a good thing for Toshiba as it shows consumers that behind the big brand, Toshiba actually care about their customers and the general public.

Who want’s to be left with no TV, come Oct 24th? Certainly not me! I’m sure I’m not the only one who was left completely confused about Saorview, what I needed to do or what I needed to buy.

Thanks Toshiba!

Love Niamh x


2 thoughts on “Toshiba: Saorview survey hits a high note

  1. Hi, Saorview does not come into effect in Oct, it was launched in May 2011. All that happens in Oct is the old analogue signal will be switched off. A large portion of the population will not be left without TV coverage, about 80% of them have Sky/UPC etc and nothing changes for them. Today’s (2nd Oct) Farming Independent says 72% of all farmers who visited the Ploughing Championships and who need to switch to digital have already done so. Surveys often pose as many questions as they purport to answer…..

    • “72% of all farmers who visited the Ploughing Championships” – not all folks living in rural areas are farmers!

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