Kelloggs: Worlds First Tweet Shop



Kellogg’s has opened ‘the world’s first high street Tweet Shop’ in London, which has been designed to promote its new Special K crisps brand via the power of social media.

The brand is using social media powerhouse, Twitter, to offer crisps in exchange for ‘Sponsored Tweets’, tweets that are pushed into users’ feeds.

The cereal brand has flipped the concept of  standard ‘Sponsored Tweets’ on its head. Kelloggs have created a pop up shop, inviting customers to come in and collect a packet of crisps in exchange for tweeting about the scheme from their mobile or one of the iPads provided in store.

The shop is open 9am-5pm until Friday, September 28th, staffed by Special K girls in red dresses who check each customer’s tweet before handing over the crisps.

Sarah Case from Special K, said: “The value of positive endorsements on social media sites is beyond compare so we’re excited to be the first company to literally use social currency instead of financial currency to launch this new product in our bespoke Special K shop. This is big news for Special K and we are hoping the brand’s move into crisps and the high street will create a major buzz on and offline.”

This is one pretty creative concept from Kelloggs. As many of the readers of LovePR will know, I love nothing more than seeing brands get creative. There is nothing more exciting to a PR pro than working with a client who isn’t afraid to push the boundaries and it seems Kelloggs are certainly not afraid to do that. I’m looking forward to seeing what they come up with next…


Love Niamh x


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