Dublin Web Summit: RTÉ Digital reiterates its ambition to engage, collaborate, and listen to Ireland’s youth

As part of her conversation with Ann O’Dea – CEO of Silicon Republic – at the Dublin Web Summit, the Managing Director of RTÉ Digital, Múirne Laffan, reiterated the division’s ambition to engage, collaborate and listen to what she described as “Ireland’s vibrant and gifted technical and creative community”.

“We have exceptionally talented people working with us in RTÉ Digital, but we’re keen to reach-out to the wider technical and business community; learn from them, engage with them to augment our skill-set; and create partnerships that will help RTÉ further evolve its’ Digital strategy”, said Múirne Laffan, Managing Director, RTÉ Digital. “We are operating in an environment that is moving incredibly fast, and it is imperative we connect with those who are driving the changes and innovation in our media ecosystem, so that we continue to connect with our audiences and deliver the content they want, how and where they want it.”

Laffan encouraged anyone with a technical or creative idea to contact the RTÉ Digital team.

“We’re keen to engage, and to forge relationships with the technical and creative community, who are best positioned to help us future-proof our digital offerings”, concluded Laffan. “Every idea will be evaluated; we believe there is incredible talent and ideas out there just waiting to be harnessed”.


Any business or individual who wishes to contact RTÉ Digital can do so via a dedicated e-mail address Digital.innovation@rte.ie.


Love Niamh x


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