Red Bull: The Importance of a good PR stunt

Red Bull’s signature logo ‘Gives you Wings’ was certainly true following Felix Baumgartner’s Oct. 14 jump from the middle of the earth’s stratosphere, which was sponsored by Red Bull, made social media and space history. The almost 23-mile free fall jump set records, not only stunning but also amazing people around the world, who reacted on through various social media channels online.

Red Bull’s social media channels certainly grew wings as more than 8 million viewers tuned into YouTube‘s live video stream of Felix Baumgartner’s leap. A number of Stratos-related topics also trended on Twitter, including #SpaceJump, #RedBull and #FelixBaumgartner.

Analysis company Taykey examined the chatter surrounding the Red Bull sponsored event and found at the peak of conversation conducted around the skydive, approximately 1% of online conversations revolved around the jump — gaining that much exposure, Taykey said, is “very rare.”

The company also found that 54% of the jump’s mentions happened on Twitter, 26% on Facebook, 6% on blogs and 14% on video sites.

In addition to this, Red Bull saw something extremely rare occur as the company’s name, held one-third of 1% of all Internet activity at the time, which is no mean feat.

Red Bull have illustrated how PR stunts and social media activity go hand in hand,  although it is very rare to get such great results… but great when they do happen! Well done to all involved.

Love Niamh x


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