Sea Life: Save our Sharks!

The national aquarium at SEA LIFE, Bray, has called on the Irish Government to  help protect a misunderstood species as part of Shark week, calling specifically on the Irish Government to protect our Basking Shark population.

Ireland’s national  aquarium, SEA LIFE in Bray is celebrating Shark Week with a series of events, exhibitions and activities and as part of its education and conservation programme. SEA LIFE is calling on the Irish Government to protect our native Basking shark population. The Basking Shark is currently not listed as a protected or restricted fish species under Irish National marine or conservation legislation.

The same situation does not exist in the UK where basking sharks are protected from capture and disturbance in British waters (up to 12 miles offshore) under the Wildlife and Countryside Act (1981): SEA LIFE would like to see similar protection extended to Basking Sharks in Irish Waters.
Pat Ó Súilleabháin, Centre Director at SEA LIFE commented:

“Sharks have suffered an unwarranted reputation as being the “terrorists of the sea” for many years and these myths have almost become accepted as fact by the general public.  We at SEA LIFE are running a programme of activities which will help dispel these myths and we are also asking the general public to sign our petition on  calling on the Government to extend its protection of protected species to include native basking sharks.”

In addition to the online petition SEA LIFE is also running a host of activities from now until 4th November in celebration of one of nature’s most magnificent but misunderstood creatures.

In an urgent bid for shark’s conservation, SEA LIFE will be proudly supporting the work of the Shark Alliance in presenting a range of exciting, interactive and memorable experiences to raise awareness about the wide range of sharks’ species and the challenges that they are facing.

We’ll throw the spotlight on sharks for this event, so help us support the sharks and raise money whilst enjoying and entertaining yourself with the following activities throughout this two week event:

  • Activity Sheets
  • Badge making
  • Puzzles and Games
  • Shark Feeding Sessions
  • Shark Tests
  • Presentations focused on facts on sharks and their habitats.


Love Niamh x



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