John St: BUYRAL – Professional Clicking Viral Video

A Toronto ad agency’s satirical video has gone viral. The subject of the video in question? Ad agencies and their desperate attempts to make videos go viral.

The video, called BUYRAL — Professional Clicking (see below) proposes a straightforward-sounding solution.

“It’s simple. Now you can pay for the clicks you need to make your video go viral,” intones a cheery-sounding narrator.

As the video pans to a room filled with dozens of workers repeatedly and somewhat-frantically clicking away on their mouse, the narrator gets to the hard sell.

“We have a vast network of professionals working day and night, constantly clicking on your videos,” says the narrator, who also goes on to brag of the Buyral program’s success as an employer of clickers of all ages, from school-aged children to otherwise-bored seniors.

Posted to YouTube on Nov. 2, the video has already been viewed nearly 60,000 times.

This video gets more and more ridiculous as it goes, and it brings up a good question that everyone wanting views should answer: How can a company promise a lot of views without being shady?

It’s not the first kick (or click) at the satirical for Toronto ad agency john st., which has drawn attention for its Catvertising video announcing a new division supposedly devoting to creating cat-based videos, and its Pink Ponies — A Case Study , which took on a little girl’s birthday party as a marketing challenge.


The company have also released their own ‘Gangnam Style’ spoof video which also has over a million views.


Love Niamh x


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