Dublin Web Summit- What I learnt! – Day 1

So as the regular readers of LovePR.ie know, I recently attended the Dublin Web Summit.

I tweeted up a small storm and have since been trying to group the information I have learnt into blog posts, with no such luck to date.

Instead, I’ve decided to publish all the quotes I tweeted here on LovePR.

Without further ado…

Dealing with Social media issues digitally is easier for companies @joshuamarch

“Service is as important as branding” @joshuamarch 

“Listen good and engage me personally” @HubertGrealish 

Not all content needs to be branded! Brand savvy consumers decode in seconds @HubertGrealish 

Word of mouth is the most important tool of all

55% of consumers want to have ongoing conversations with consumers

89% of consumers would feel more loyal to brands if they engage in feedback

41% of Pinterest users share branded content.. 35% on Instagram @HubertGrealish

Content is your story! Listen, update and keep talking!

Brand implications and opps: never lose the human touch

Think local even for global campaigns

53% of Irish consumers suffer from #FOMO – Fear of Missing Out!

Don’t build a social network to be a social network… Just build something that improves people’s lives.

Social media….future is definitely mobile…

“Mobile devices account for 1/3 of all search traffic by year’s end”@NiallHarbison @SimplyZesty

Facebook only writing code for mobile – Zuckerburg 2012 – Future is mobile!

“Phones will be your new wallets in the next 12-18 months”@NiallHarbison

85% of the world is going to be 3/4G enabled yet only 1% of campaigns are designed for mobile

With PPC ads, you’re not buying attention, you’re renting it

Build marketing assets that you own @dharmesh

“Create useful content, clean designs and fast websites” @dharmesh


Use http://grader.com  – free website to grade your website #websummit

Facebook is more than a great way to share pics, it’s also one of the top 10 search engines in the world! @dharmesh

Do not ignore Google + #websummit

Faster websites make ppl happier. Google will favour high speed websites. So invest in making ur website faster! – @dharmesh


Mobiles share of paid clicks – 15.10% – Mobile Click Share grew 181% during 2011 – @JonDMyers 

Tablet penetration to market of mobile clickshare was 37% and growing in Dec 2011 @JonDMyers

Focus on mobile user experience and analytics to get the FULL picture @JonDMyers

A “like” is NOT a relationship – lets get back to relationship building, or run risk of turning people off your brand for good! 

“Only 18% of the people that have liked a brand have intent to purchase that brand.” #websummit

Marketers can optimise and target purchase intent @digijoe

Up to 95% of traffic from publishers for merchants DO NOT convert into sales @digijoe


Hire and fire for attitude @adormandy

Sound creation will find its rightful place in the online world#websummit

People hate irrelevance . Resonate to your audience, at the right time @sailthru

Send your emails to the right person @sailthru

Sending emails at the right time results in 12% decrease in opt-outs@sailthru

Respect the user = respect the inbox, identify disengagement @sailthru

Critical mass v’s Credical mass? which is more important to you?@scottbelsky

Sites like Pinterest foster proper attribution @scottbelsky

Exposure will be the best form of lead generation @scottbelsky

If you put something out there people with run with you or against you…. @baratunde

“There are two great evils: the evil of slavery and human trafficking and the evil of Twilight.” @baratunde on hate-tweeting 


Love Niamh x


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