Dublin Web Summit: What I Learnt – Day 2!

We want to trust what people tell us. Most of the decisions we make are based on the people around us @basvandenbeld

Google+ is all about data

Google is trying to combine social and search

2 types of authority that google research – those around us and those who we look up to @basvandenbeld

In the U.S you can hire a slumber party, which pushes brands products. It’s all about pushing the brand! @basvandenbeld

We outsource remembering in today’s world @mbaratz ABC News

Growing use of social media now contributing to revolutions like Occupy Wall Street @invoker

Good to be on Google + for social endorsement. Circles show influences. More should be on it.

If you want a job, clean up your Facebook page? Not according to@invoker “we want to hire real people @hootsuite

Employee empowerment is incredibly important according to@invoker

Companies should engage their employees to leverage their social contacts @invoker

Successful viral videos are user initiated @sarahfwood @unrulymedia

Embrace the opportunity- 500 hours of #Youtube videos watched every day @sarahfwood @unrulymedia

Being a small company does not stop you galvanising a movement@sarahfwood

Social videos are great for brands advocacy, awareness, action and attention – live & die by the 4 A’s @sarahfwood

Create amazing content to stand out @sarahfwood

Research your data BEFORE you create content

Think beyond the frame – What comes next? Videos don’t go viral by chance #websummit @sarahfwood

Don’t throw big money behind branded videos and leave distribution to chance.. @sarahfwood #websummit

92% of consumers trust peer recommendations @sarahfwood@unrulymedia

109% uplift in intent to purchase due to successful branded videos@sarahfwood

Creating an emotional connection with the consumer is key@sarahfwood

Savvy brands have long term strategies @sarahfwood

Track, Compare and Improve performance @janrezab

An average user on Facebook has 130 friends, likes 53 Facebook pages @janrezab

Battle for social engagement is most important #websummit

Return on Engagement results in Return on Investment @janrezab

without engagement you have no reach @janrezab

Great content in social media is highly appreciated by users as demonstrated by #Redbull recent stunt @janrezab

Many companies do not realise that power is not with the most ‘likes’ but rather with the most comments and shares

Monitor and benchmark what you do in social media @janrezab

Align your business with the individuals creating the future of money@cindygallop

@cindygallop has a message for companies targeting women as part of client base: have a woman co-founder, a 50-50 f/m tech team

A lot can happen in this world if nobody fights for credit @Ghonim

‘Building movements hasn’t changed, assembling people hasn’t changed, technology has just made it efficient!’ @joekgreen

@ghonim: “Leadership by charisma will go into decline, leadership by people empowerment on the rise” Here’s hoping!

A lot of money can be made when you create characters that can resonate digitally #websummit

Mobile app usage facts from @aol ‘s Tim Armstrong on Main Stage: “People download 30-40 apps, but only use 5-8 regularly.”

Love Niamh x


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