Wilde Launches The Search For Ireland’s Premier Burlesque Star to celebrate Dublin’s Burlesque Festival


Ireland’s most cosmopolitan Bar, Club & Venue has teamed up with Make Up Forever to launch a search for Ireland’s  premier  Burlesque Performer who will then be launched on the international Burlesque Scene.  Burlesque as an artform has undergone a huge resurgence worldwide with international stars including the likes of Dita Von Teese & Immodesty Blaize.  Wilde on Wicklow Street is home to Ireland’s only weekly Burlesque Club, Bunny’s Burlesque Boudoir.  The show has proven to be a huge hit with the general public, attracting large crowds every Thursday night when Bunny presents the best of the Irish Burlesque scene at the official home to Burlesque in Dublin.


Now the search is on to find an apprentice for Bunny, someone who can have their own residency at the club before being launched on the international stage.  So Bunny is calling out to anyone who thinks that they might have that special something to enter her Burlesque star search.  Entries can be posted on http://www.wildevenue .com and Bunny will then select a shortlist of 8 performers to come join her on stage in Wilde where they will be perform in front of a suitably qualified panel of entertainment and Burlesque experts


A  magnificent prize package has been put together to reward Ireland’s best Burlesquer including  –

A Vollers of London Corset ( they make corsets for the queen! )

Representation by Julian Benson Management

Monthly residency in Wilde

Outfit by Retro Boutique

Pin Up Shoot by Chris Ducker


Become an ambassador for Make Up Forever


But What Exactly is Burlesque – there are a host of definitions but in essence A variety show that uses comedians, strip tease, and musicians. The strippers are often required to sing and dance while removing their clothes in a seductive manner and the striptease is more about the tease than the nudity with the nipple tassel being an essential part of the “Burlesquer’s kit”. There is usually a master of ceremonies hosting the show and entertaining between  acts in this case Bunny provides the comedy  glue that holds the show together.


Who should enter – Anyone who feels that they deserve a stage and can entertain the crowd in a seductive, humorous way.  Bunny likes her show to “fizz with filthy fun”  and welcomes all –comers.


Commenting on the launch of Bunny’s search for a Burlesque Star, Julian Benson, Creative director at Wilde and leading talent theatrical talent agent said:


“I am delighted that Wilde is staging Ireland’s first major search for a burlesque star – Ireland has such a great wealth of talent!”


Love Niamh x


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