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I know I’m hitting my (few) readers with two posts about fashion PR in two days, but it’s Christmas soon so I thought I’d spoil you. American Apparel’s publicity gaffes are far too great an opportunity for a PR student to miss, so read on and hopefully learn from these mistakes. One can only hope American Apparel has, but I have my reservations…

Last week the ASA (Advertising Standards Agency) pulled American Apparel’s most recent campaign from being used in the UK. The campaign features a model that resembles a young girl wearing nothing on her bottom half besides knickers and knee-high socks. ASA say the image ‘inappropriately sexualized a model who appeared to be a child and was therefore irresponsible.’ As a matter of fact, the model in question is 23 years old; however it was her alarmingly young face which discomforted Advertising Standards.


This isn’t the first time the…

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