Havana Club: launches ‘gap year’ contest

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Cuban rum maker Havana Club is searching for a curious and open-minded person to embark on a year-long trip around the world. The winner of the Havana Club Gap Year Contest will visit 12 countries and live 12 unforgettable experiences.

According to Havana Club, and I’d have to agree with them,  it seems that today, we are so busy dealing with life that we forget about living it.

Meanwhile, in Cuba, people remain true to themselves and take the time to appreciate the simplicity of human interaction in everyday life… Nothing compares to Havana!

This is why they feel that a tour of the world should last no less than 365 days: Imagine an entire year away from the daily routine of work or study to travel the world and meet new (real, not virtual) people.

The Havana Club Gap Year is giving someone this chance! One lucky winner will have 12 months to visit 12 countries and live 12 unforgettable experiences.

The Cuban capital will be the journey’s starting point in order to allow the winner to soak up Havana’s incomparable way of life while at same time polishing his or her cocktail skills alongside authentic Cuban bartenders. To give a few examples of what will come next, the successful candidate will also party with the locals at London’s Notting Hill Carnival; enjoy Tokyo’s nightlife in the company of a DJ; and celebrate Catalan culture in Barcelona during the Festa de la Mercee.

The idea is for the winner to discover the spirit of each place from a local’s point of view and to show the world that a bit of Havana’s unique culture may be found anywhere, provided you take the time to get to know people and spend quality time with them.


Winner selection procedure

Candidates may enter the competition from January 10th (18H00, GMT+1) 2013 via Havana Club’s Facebook page. To enter, participants simply upload a short video listing three things that they would take with them on their Gap Year and three things they would leave behind if they won.

The videos submitted by participants will be subject to public voting. In each participating country, the five contestants whose videos received the highest number of votes at the end of the entry phase will be interviewed in order to pick the national finalists.

Each country will then send the local finalist on a five-day, all-expenses-paid trip to Havana to take part in the global finale. Once in Havana, the finalists will be tasked with creating a short film that captures the spirit of the city. These videos will be voted on by a panel of judges to select the winner of the Havana Club Gap Year..

The Havana Club Gap Year winner’s blog will be live on the Havana Club Facebook page throughout the journey and will be regularly updated with photos, interviews and videos from each place visited.


Pretty cool campaign from Havana Club!


Love Niamh x


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