When the lights went out the Super bowl this past Sunday, many advertisers were feeling frantic about their $4 million dollar commercial making it to air. Other brands took to social media, specifically twitter, to leverage the blackout. The tweet heard around the world came from Oreo.

Oreo tweeted “Power out? No problem.” during the half-hour blackout. This tweet was accompanied with a picture. Many professionals are praising Oreo for their quick creative response. The tweet shows just how quickly social media messages can be made available. While Oreo was ingenious with their response, there are other brands that leveraged the blackout to better sell their product. Screen shot 2013-02-10 at 7.53.06 PM

Nike released a tweet promoting their shoes worn by Baltimore Ravens player Jacoby Jones. The Tweet read “Jacoby Jones: Lights out.” This attempt to leverage was particularly successful because of the event. Most people watching the Super bowl are football fans. I say…

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