Australia bring back ‘Best Job in the World’!


As some of you will know, I recently moved to Melbourne so I was really excited to see on TV yesterday that The Australian Tourism Board have brought back their 2009 award winning ‘best job in the world‘ campaign!

Brisbane-based creative agency SapientNitro were responsible for the last campaign which saw worldwide coverage for a caretaker position on a beautiful Queensland island.

This time around, the Australian Tourism Board are going all out and have announced SIX positions up for grabs in six different regions. If you dream of exploring Sydney, Melbourne, Western Australia, Southern Australia, Queensland or Northern Territory, and want to get paid for doing it then I suggest you enter NOW!

The six positions offer a 6 month contract and a $100,000 package (consisting of $50,000 salary paid fortnightly and $50,000 living expenses. Those who wish to apply,  can apply through the site or through Australian Working Holiday’s Facebook page.

Entrants must upload a 30 second video explaining in English why they’re the best person for the job. Applications close on the 10th April 2013. 150 shortlisted applicants will be announced on the 24th April, 18 of which will be announced as finalists on the 15th May. Between 15th June – 21st June, the 18 finalists will be interviewed in Australia. The final winners will be announced on the 21st June.


Sound exciting? Then get entering!

Love Niamh x


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