Sir Richards: Buy a condom, and give a free one to Haiti


Giving has never felt so good, according to the guys in Sir Richards.

A huge condom shortage is leaving millions of people susceptible to some of the world’s most preventable diseases. Sir Richards are hoping to change this as for every Sir Richard’s condom purchased, they contribute one to a developing country.

This is a pretty cool campaign from a condom brand.

Their first contribution effort, has kicked off, delivering 500,000 KORE condoms to Partners in Health, Haiti. The condoms will be made available for free at Partners In Health’s (PIH) clinics including the Mirebalais National Teaching Hospital, built by PIH in collaboration with Haiti’s Ministry of Health. Scheduled to open in early 2013, Mirebalais National Teaching Hospital will emphasize women health and reproductive support.

Marc Baptiste, Sir Richard’s creative director/Haiti, who is a Port-au-Prince, native and acclaimed artist, helped create the brand KORE, (pronounced kȯr-ā). KORE is a slang term that translates as “I have your back.” The packaging also incorporates Haitian Kréyòl messaging and visual instructions.

“We’ve started something truly special in Haiti,” said Marc Baptiste, Sir Richard’s Creative Director to Haiti. “We brought a needed product. But we also brought a great brand, KORE, that the Haitian people will love. That could mean so much more.” To learn more about Partners In Health’s critical work in Haiti, visit

In the spring of 2012 Sir Richard’s CEO Jim Moscou traveled to Port-au-Prince, Haiti to represent the Sir Richard’s Condom Company in the effort to explore condom use and market test KORE.

Check out the video below:

So why do I think this is a cool campaign? For starters, not only are Sir Richards involving their customers in a good deed for the day but they are also making a big contribution to eradicating disease in a developing country, while also saving lives from preventable disease. Sir Richards are also using their own PR strategy to highlight a growing issue in Haiti which can only be a good thing, not to mention great CSR.


Love Niamh x


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