Good things come in threes or so they say… and the guys in Google have obviously been hard at work in preparation for April Fools day, announcing the introduction of Treasure Mode, Gmail Blue and Google Nose.


The introduction of Treasure Mode followed the apparent discovery of the long lost maps of pirate Willian ‘Captain’ Kidd during an underwater exhibition.


download (1)

Google has reinvented Gmail. And by reinvented it, we mean changed everything in the interface to blue. Okay, so you can’t actually use the “fake” product, but Google did make a shiny video with guest stars from The Blue Man Group….



download (2)


Google Nose is Google’s new scent search app. It can smell and search by smell. And like any good Google product, it’s in beta.



What’s pretty cool is the fact that Google have obviously poured a lot of cash into the April Fools concepts to make them believable. Not only that but as a PR campaign, they are getting great coverage across the Tech media. Each stunt stands out on it’s own, but collectively an interesting but great PR stunt as I have to admit I had great fun finding out about each one!


Which is your favourite?


Love Niamh x


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